Friday, 30 April 2010


Not much of an update this week. I've been writing an essay but should have some more work next friday. I was featured in this lovely blog along with some of the other Illustrators from the WE ARE FAUNA show. You should check it out! -

This is an early image I made for a screen print that was featured the exhibition with slight alterations.


  1. i love it
    your work is awesome liam

  2. Hey there,

    I was visiting Bristol today to meet a blog friend who is over from San Fransisco (artspark theatre) for a couple of weeks. We found your post card in one of the art galleries we visited. It was fun when I tried to buy it the gallery told me I could not as it was not their card.

  3. Thats pretty funny, I was visiting the Gallery and when I looked in my bag to pay for something I saw I had some of my post cards with me so I put them on the shelf with the real post cards. I'm glad you found the blog I hope you took the card, if you didn't I'll send one to you.