Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Pictoplasma Character Walk, Berlin

I was really glad to be asked by InkyGoodness to take part in an exhibition as part of the Pictolasma Character Walk in Berlin.

Along with other international artists the totem poles will be exhibited for a week as part of the Festival at the Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin. So go have a look if your around, There are plenty of amazing people involved.

My totems a little patchy in places but I think it came out ok considering I haven't painted in years and never anything this big. Hopefully i made up for it by sticking an extra bunch of stuff on.



Bird in the hand

Leafy Gent

Early stages - Totem

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  1. Liam I really Like this its so awesome~~
    (^w ^)v
    looks like your doing really well~!! how did your final year graduate show go? cant beleive you left your fb~ ^^; guess i have to make the effort to come on here and check your work~~

    Im still on my intern~ 1 month left ^^;
    I hope your enjoying your summer~~

    Take care ^^

    ps. I still want one of your contact cards please (= A =)