Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Pictoplasma Character Walk, Berlin

I was really glad to be asked by InkyGoodness to take part in an exhibition as part of the Pictolasma Character Walk in Berlin.

Along with other international artists the totem poles will be exhibited for a week as part of the Festival at the Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin. So go have a look if your around, There are plenty of amazing people involved.

My totems a little patchy in places but I think it came out ok considering I haven't painted in years and never anything this big. Hopefully i made up for it by sticking an extra bunch of stuff on.



Bird in the hand

Leafy Gent

Early stages - Totem

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Live life like a happy tramp

Live life like a happy tramp

An Experiment and a bit of practice in using limited colour palettes.

Based of some fellers I saw boxing next to the river by my house with a bit of Cannery Row by John Steinbeck thrown in.

Elephant Graveyard opening


The opening night of the exhibition, apparently over 300 people came in that night. Thanks to every body that came and helped make that night a success and to all the artists who supplied work.

and a massive thank you to Katie G for the photo's and her dad for the huge booze donation after Kopparberg dropped out.

Its up for another moth so check it out if you’re in Bristol town.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Exhibition tomorrow! At Bristol Urban Outfitters, showcasing amazing talent from the darkest corners of the Southwest to the murkiest ends of London!

It's gong to be fun with some free booze and great artwork from other 20 illustrators including - Bjorn R lie, Ben Newman, Jack Teagle, Jacob Stead & Claire Owen.

8PM till 10PM, Please come along!

Me havin' a hoot with Satan


All Hail!

This guys gonna be there.

Finnished flyer